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Tips for Webmasters

The Cybernauts at Smart Digital Networks, Inc. have developed this list of tips as a way to help other developers to create viewer friendly channels.

  • Put your company name, company logo, e-mail address and phone number on your first screen. When people are looking for you on the net they are often trying to find a way to contact you.

  • Keep your site simple. Often a company only needs a single page site containing their company name, company logo, phone number, fax number, address and e-mail address. From there you can then link to about your company, company mission statement, who you are, what you do, your history, how to purchase, store locations or available at..., product descriptions, online catalog, online ordering system, online product downloads, corporate contacts, who's who at..., customer support, employment info, how to link to this site with banners & code, ad sales for your site, site map, etc.

  • Don't include graphics saying under construction. Look complete and everyone will think you are complete. You and I know your site will be changing for the rest of time as we know it, no need to tell others this fact.

  • Give each screen a single focus. The main difference between Television and Computer screen design is focus. Computer developers often clutter the screen with many choices and menus. This creates a broad focus causing the viewer to search all around the screen. This searching is hard work for the viewer. Learn to create structures using collections of linked screens each with a simple single focus.

  • Get every good name (URL) people might think of when trying to find your product, company or site. Then send all of the names (URLs) to your main page (index.html). Names are cheap. Make sure to get both "-" and non "-" versions if you have two words in your name. Also consider buying .com, .net, and .org versions of each name.

  • Don't use acronyms or high tech computer terms in your site. Acronyms are strange words to people outside of your industry. They are not cute and are often hard to remember.

  • Any screen you would like to have a viewer printout should have dark text on a light background. Black text on a white background is most compatible if you want it to print on all printers.

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